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Easy DIY Acrylic Removal

Want to remove your acrylic nail but don't have nail soakers? We've got you covered with this easy do-it-yourself acrylic removal using conventional household items. 
Preparation is everything For the best results with Styleberry polygel, ensure you have completed the following before you begin your polygel application: 1. Use a nail file to file your nails to the desired shape. 2. Push back and trim your cuticles. 3. Gently buff your nails with a nail buffer. 4. Clean your nails with a cleanser wipe. Start with a base coat 1. Apply a thin layer of base coat to all five nails, capping the ends. Avoid the skin and cuticle. 2. Cure for 60 seconds under a lamp, it will still be tacky but this is normal. 3. Using an extension tip that fits your nail apply a...

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