Crazy Nail Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner!

Written by Claire Bransen • Posted on February 15th, 2022

Here are some quick nail hacks to improve your manicures and save you time, from the comfort of your own home!

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1. A Quick Method To Dry Your Nail Polish

Do you want your nail polish to dry quickly (and avoid any embarrassing mishaps)? Let your polish dry naturally for a couple of minutes so that they can set, then stick them into a bowl of ice water. To speed up the drying process, dip your manicured nails into a bowl of ice water for around 3 seconds. 

2. Use Vinegar to Remove Nail Oil

When applied to a clean, dry nail, nail polish lasts longer. Invisible oils, on the other hand, can ruin your new manicure. Swipe each fingernail with white vinegar before applying nail polish to cut through any oils on the nail.

3. Nail Polish Bubbles? No Problem!

Instead of shaking the bottle, roll it in between your palms to avoid bubbles forming on your freshly painted nails. Normally, air bubbles are created by shaking the contents of the bottle.

4. Home-Made Matte Nail Polish

You can't live without your favourite colour, but you wish it was a little less gleaming? Mix clear polish and corn starch to make a matte top coat for any nail polish.

5. Glass Nail Files Provide the Best Manicure

The way nails are filed is one of the reasons they peel in layers at the tip. A glass nail file minimises keratin separation at the nail bed, resulting in a long-lasting, healthy manicure with less breaking risk.

6. Whiten Your Nails

Scrub the spots off your nail with a toothbrush dipped in whitening toothpaste.

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