Easy DIY Acrylic Removal

Written by Janice Bairstow • Posted on March 21 2021

Want to remove your acrylic nail but don't have nail soakers?


We've got you covered with this easy do-it-yourself acrylic removal using conventional household items. 

What you need:


1 x Nail Drill or Corse Nail File


10 x Cotton Swabs


1 x Aluminum Foil


1 x Nail Polish Remover


Step 1: Remove Polish

Start by removing any nail polish left on the acrylic tips by using a high-quality nail drill.

Step 2: Soak Cotton

Use cotton swabs or tear small bits of cotton (roughly 2x2cm) and soak them in nail polish remover or acetone. 

Step 3: Apply Cotton

Apply the soaked cotton so that it covers the entire nail and cuticle region.

Step 4: Foil Soakers

Cut 10 small (roughly 2x4cm) aluminum foil sheets and wrap them neatly over the soaked cotton. 

Step 5: Remove Acrylic

Remove the foil cover and soaked cotton. Use a sharp nail tool to break away any leftover acrylic. Create a smooth finish with a nail file. 

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