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How To Apply Gel Nail Polish at Home (4 Steps) | Styleberry

Step 1: Prep the nail.

The first step in achieving a flawless gel manicure is to shape your nails.

Cut them to the desired size with a nail clipper, then shape the edges with a nail file, as well as, buff the nails for a clean and dry surface.

Push your cuticles back in order to expose more of the nail. Use a brush to remove the dust and clean the nail surface.

NOTE: Any contaminants, such as dust particles, might cause the polish to lift prematurely.


Step 2: Apply the base coat.

Before opening, make sure to shake the bottle.

Apply a thin coat to the entire nail, then cure the nails for 90-120 seconds under a UV lamp or 60-90 seconds under a LED light.

We suggest you use a nail strengthener (after the base coat) for an extra layer of strength.

The thinner the better when it comes to applying all the steps. If it is too thick it could wrinkle and peel off easily.

Step 3: Apply the colour gel.

Apply a thin coat all the way to the nail's edges, being careful and avoiding the skin.

Wipe away any excess gel with a brush before curing and continuing onto the next layer.

Apply 2-3 thin layers of colour gel, cure each layer for 60-120 seconds depending on the lamp you are using.

Step 4: Apply the top coat.

Apply a thin layer of top coat after the last layer of the nail colour has been cured. It is essential to apply the top coat to the entire nail and seal the edges for a precise finish.

Cure your nails one more time, for at least a minute, to ensure that they are completely dry and sealed.

How to remove? 

1. Lightly buff off the shine from the top of nails using a nail buffer.

2. Soak a cotton pad with acetone/nail gel remover and place it on top of each nail.

3. Wrap the nail with aluminum foil or any nail wrap to secure and allow the remover to soak.

4. Soak for a minimum of 15 minutes.

5. Remove cotton and foils one at a time and gently push off gel using a removal wand. The gel should come off easily without much effort. If necessary, re-saturate cotton and rewrap the finger and soak for 5 more minutes.

6. Lightly buff nails again once all gel is removed.

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  • | Marianne Yzelle

    I have a few styleberry colour gel polish. I only need the base coat and top coat
    plus gel brush. Is this all I need for the tyleberry gel polish application. I have
    the gel lamp and all the other products.

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